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Inspiring Transformation

SACAP is proud to present the fifth festival to be hosted on our Cape Town and Johannesburg campuses in May 2016. The festival includes a series of short and long talks from a variety of speakers from the psychology, counseling and coaching fields.

The theme for this year is Inspiring Transformation, where experts from industry will be sharing the success stories and ideas that have inspired and are still inspiring transformation in our communities, families and workplaces. Come join us for an exciting line-up of speakers and explore with us how you can inspire transformation.

SACAP is mobilised by a vision of an empowered, caring society of integrated individuals. We believe that in order to address the harsh realities that exist within South Africa, we need to train an inspired workforce of counsellors, psychologists, coaches and leaders.

“A process of defined and radical change is how some define ‘transformation’. Through the Festival of Learning we don’t just want to share stories about transformation, we want to inspire South Africans to identify where transformation and change is needed and to be part of the transformation process”, says Lance Katz, SACAP’s CEO.

We look forward to Inspiring Transformation in South Africa with you.